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Transfer booking

The place of departure is indicated in the “From” field. Place of arrival in the “To” field. You can use the drop-down list and select the required city, airport, train station, hotel, or enter the data manually.

Click the “Find” button. Choose the appropriate transfer class. To proceed to booking, click “Book now”.


Transfer booking



In the order form, you must carefully fill in all the fields. If you have any questions, please contact support via email [email protected].

Select the city and address of the hotel from where you need to get to the airport. The cost does not depend on the address of the location where the driver will pick you up. The main condition is that it be within the boundaries of the specified city. The airport is selected in the “To” field.

When ordering a transfer, take into account the travel time indicated on the website and take into account three hours for check-in at the airport. Then you will definitely have time for the plane.

If you need a transfer from the place of arrival (airport or train station), you must specify the time of arrival or arrival. It will be easier for the driver to prepare a meeting at the airport or train station.

Taxi ordering

If the arrival time has changed, this should be reported to the dispatcher to inform the carrier.

When you need to get from the hotel to the airport, you should indicate the time at which you need to meet at the reception. To calculate the exact time, subtract from the departure time approximately three hours for check-in at the airport and the duration of the journey. The approximate travel time from the hotel to the airport is noted on the booking page.

Estimated travel time is indicated on the website and in the pdf voucher file, which is downloaded when ordering.

transfer order


Please note that travel times may vary depending on traffic conditions, time of day, public holidays and other factors. If you become aware of the deterioration of the traffic situation, you should make changes to the order in advance.

If you are booking an airport transfer, you must provide the full flight number on which you are arriving. The number consists of a numeric and an alphabetic part. This information is necessary for the driver, otherwise he may make a mistake in the meeting time.

The minimum pre-order period depends on the vehicle class.

If there is little time left before the trip, place an urgent order. We will receive your application and provide information on whether we can provide the service.

The exact address of the location and the name of the hotel should be indicated. The actual address of the hotel can be found on the voucher issued to confirm that the room has been booked.

The return transfer service can be issued immediately when ordering a direct one. To do this, in a certain field of the booking form, specify the date and time. If the direct and return routes are different, two separate orders must be placed.

Booking a return transfer


When booking in the order form, you must indicate the current mail, a confirmation voucher will be sent to it. It will contain all the information about the trip, including the order number.

If you did not receive a confirmation email, you must contact the manager via email [email protected].

We recommend that you apply for a trip. To do this, select the desired route on the map. Among the proposed classes of cars, it is possible to leave an application.

Remember, a travel request is a request for an offer, not a transfer booking.

Fill in all fields in the application form. In the comments box, add additional terms of the meeting if necessary. Drivers will see your application and offer the class of the car and the price of the service themselves. You yourself choose the most suitable option.

The cost of the trip includes a meeting with a sign. The waiting time for the car is 60 minutes. If you need other conditions, fill in the additional fields on the site.

Additional services in the transfer


If you left a request, and no offers are received from drivers, we suggest contacting the support service indicating the request number. You can order a transfer on the website.

Drivers offer cars and prices if they have the opportunity.


The cost of the transfer depends on the country of provision of the service, the class of the car. We provide the following payment options:

  1. Pay the full cost of the trip on the site. You make the full payment for the trip from the airport in a currency acceptable to you.
  2. Partial payment for the trip when booking on the site. The balance is paid upon arrival at the point of arrival in cash to the driver.
  3. Full cash payment to the driver. This option is not available in some regions.

Contact the manager by e-mail [email protected] for payment according to the account details.

Payment from the card is carried out in rubles, dollars or euros. The currency option for debiting funds is indicated when choosing a payment method. Please note that the exchange rate varies and depends on the exchange rate of your card issuing bank.

Payment is made by Visa, MasterCard for secure transfer in accordance with international standards. Data entry takes place on a secure page of the payment system gateway. The operation guarantees the protection of your data and money transfer.

Payment is completely secure. Accepted by a certified Visa/MasterCard bank.

We recommend making payments in the currency specified in the voucher. It is better to prepare the required amount of cash in advance.

Payment in another currency can be discussed with the driver, while he has reason to refuse and ask to change banknotes.

When ordering a transfer from the airport, the price includes an hour of waiting from the moment the flight arrives at the airport. If the flight is delayed for less than 30 minutes, the driver will check this and arrive at the time of arrival. In a situation where the flight is delayed for more than half an hour, please inform the driver as soon as possible. Phone numbers are sent to email.

The driver may ask for a fee for exceeding the waiting time, which is included in the fare.

The cost is indicated per vehicle and does not depend on the number of passengers. The maximum capacity of the car is indicated for each vehicle class.

Number of passengers and luggage


Time of day, weekends do not affect the cost of the trip. This is the main difference from local taxi services. Restrictions apply to the minimum booking time. Some large events, such as New Year’s Eve celebrations, the Olympics or the World Championships, may lead to an increase in cost due to increased demand.

Send an email to [email protected] with a detailed description of the problem. We will try our best to resolve any issues as soon as possible. We recommend that you perform simple manipulations: change the browser in which the site is open; reboot the device and return to payment; change the payment method.

Transfer conditions

Passengers are counted by every child, regardless of age. Please include children when entering the number of people when booking. The type of child seat is specified when filling out the booking details. Armchairs for children are paid separately.

When ordering a transfer for children by a group of 8 people up to 18 years old, please contact the support service for more information on the cost and conditions of the order.

Armchairs are mandatory for most countries. The rules for transporting children are regulated by law. Transportation of children without special seats is punishable by a fine.

If you are with a child, without providing information about the provision of a child seat, the driver has the right to refuse to fulfill the order.

The maximum number of passengers and places for carrying luggage is indicated on the website for all car classes with model examples. If you have any questions about the order, please contact our manager.

Number of passengers and luggage


You are guaranteed to be provided with the car selected when booking. Replacement is carried out for a class of greater comfort and capacity.

The capacity of each vehicle and the amount of allowed luggage are listed on the website.

A piece of standard baggage is a bag or suitcase. Overall parameters, which in total should not exceed 158 centimeters.

Hand luggage can be taken into the cabin.

If you need to transport non-standard baggage, such as snowboards, skis, golf clubs, prams, bicycles, etc., please contact the manager by e-mail [email protected] for advice.

The sum of the length, width and height of the baggage according to the rules of carriage should not exceed 158 centimeters. Any baggage that does not meet this requirement may be considered non-standard.

Taxi with extra luggage


If you need to transport non-standard baggage: golf clubs, skis, snowboards, prams, bicycles, etc., please contact the manager by e-mail [email protected] for advice. You will be prompted which class of car you should choose.

As soon as you become aware of the flight delay, please immediately notify the driver by phone, which we inform by e-mail or to the manager by mail [email protected].

Be sure to provide the transfer order number and the new arrival time.

When ordering on the site, it is possible to pay an additional hour of waiting. For each class of transport, the cost is different. The information is on the website.

In a situation where you arrived before the transfer time, it is likely that the driver with the sign has not yet arrived. Stop near the exit from the arrivals area and wait for the driver.

To meet him at the airport faster, contact him by phone.

Try not to take a simple taxi from the airport to the city. In this case, we will not refund your money, you will incur additional costs.

The cost of the service includes a trip to any address within the city. To order a trip to a hotel in the “From” field, select the city, location of the hotel, then specify the address on the order formation page.

A separate long stop or visit to another address off the route can be personally negotiated with the driver. You can choose an additional service with a visit along the way to the desired address on the site.

The voucher confirming the booking contains the price of a fixed itinerary.

The rules for the transport of animals are regulated by law. All animals must be transported in a special portable container. To travel, you must have certificates and other documents in accordance with the current legislation of the country of arrival.

In case of violation of the requirements of the law or lack of documents, the driver may refuse to travel.

If the vehicle is damaged during the trip, the carrier company may require compensation.

Meeting with the driver

The driver will meet you with a table with your name. When departing from the airport, the driver will be waiting for you at the exit from the arrivals area.

When departing from the hotel, the driver will be waiting in the hotel lobby.

All additional pick-up instructions can be found on your booking confirmation voucher.

The contact number of the driver will be sent by e-mail one day before the start of the transfer. You will receive an SMS notification to the phone number provided during the booking.

Contact the driver if your flight is delayed for more than half an hour or rescheduled, or you are delayed in baggage claim.

The driver will make every effort to ensure that the meeting takes place. He will have your phone number, and you will have the driver’s phone number.

We will try to make your trip comfortable. When placing an order, it is possible to choose a driver with basic knowledge of English, depending on the region.English speaking driver


Such situations arise when the client and the driver cannot find each other. Carefully inspect all signs meeting, call the driver, if he does not pick up the phone within half an hour, order a taxi at the hotel reception or at the taxi stand at the airport. We will reimburse the costs.

Making changes or canceling an order

Changes to the transfer are made as follows:
  1. If there is more than a day before the trip – in your account.
  2. If less than a day, contact support.
In a situation where changes were received in less than a day, they may not be studied.

Cancellation of the order with a full refund of the prepayment depends on the class of the car. The information is visible when ordering.

For the economy option and comfort class cars, a safe return is made at least 5 hours before the start of the trip.

For premium cars, minibuses, order cancellation with a full refund is possible at least 24 hours in advance.

The conditions for canceling an order without financial loss are indicated in the letter or on the order cancellation page.

On the site you can purchase a free cancellation service. It allows you to cancel the order at any time before the start of the trip. Only the cost of the service itself is deducted from the client.

We have the option to completely cancel an order. Cancellation information is provided at the time of booking.

What should I do if the funds are not received after the cancellation of the order?

If there was no refund, please contact us at [email protected].

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