Taxi in the country

Book a cheap airport transfer or help at the airport to order a taxi service
Символ рубля

The cost of the order does not change

Символ самолет

Free hour of waiting

Символ таблички

The driver meets you with a nameplate

Символ багажа

Driver will help with luggage

Taxi around the world

Flag Country Official name Currency Language Capital
Australia australian union Australian dollar English Canberra
Austria Republic of Austria Euro Deutsch Vein
Azerbaijan Republic of Azerbaijan Azerbaijani manat Azerbaijani Baku
Albania Republic of Albania Lek Albanian Tirana
Andorra Principality of Andorra Euro Catalan Andorra la Vella
Argentina Argentine Republic Argentine peso Spanish Buenos Aires
Armenia Republic of Armenia Armenian dram Armenian Yerevan
Aruba Aruba Aruban florin English Oranjestad
Belarus Republic of Belarus Belarusian ruble Belarusian, Russian Minsk
Belgium Kingdom of Belgium Euro French, Dutch, German Brussels
Bulgaria Republic of Bulgaria Bulgarian Lev Bulgarian Sofia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible mark Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian Sarajevo
Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil Brazilian Real Portuguese Brasilia
UK United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland GBP English London
Hungary Republic of Hungary Forint Hungarian Budapest
Vietnam Socialist Republic of Vietnam Dong Vietnamese Hanoi
Germany Federal Republic of Germany Euro Deutsch Berlin
Hong Kong Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China Hong Kong dollar English, Chinese Hong Kong
Greece Hellenic Republic Euro Greek Athens
Georgia Georgia lari Georgian Tbilisi
Denmark Kingdom of Denmark Danish krone Danish Copenhagen
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Dominican peso Spanish Santo Domingo
Egypt Arab Republic of Egypt Egyptian pound Arab Cairo
Israel State of Israel Israeli new shekel Hebrew, Arabic Jerusalem
India Republic of India Indian rupee Hindi, English New Delhi
Indonesia Republic of Indonesia Indonesian Rupiah Indonesian Jakarta
Jordan Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Jordanian dinar Arab Amman
Ireland Ireland Euro Irish, English Dublin
Iceland Republic of Iceland Icelandic krone Icelandic Reykjavik
Spain The Kingdom of Spain Euro Spanish Madrid
Italy Italian Republic Euro Italian Rome
Cape Verde Republic of Cape Verde Escudo Cape Verde Portuguese praia
Kazakhstan The Republic of Kazakhstan Tenge Kazakh Astana
Cambodia Kingdom of Cambodia Riel Khmer Phnom Penh
Canada Canada Canadian dollar English French Ottawa
Qatar State of Qatar Qatari rial Arab Doha
Kenya Republic of Kenya Kenyan shilling Swahili, English Nairobi
Cyprus Republic of Cyprus Euro Greek, Turkish Nicosia
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Republic Som Kyrgyz Bishkek
China People's Republic of China CNY Chinese Beijing
Colombia Republic of Colombia Colombian peso Spanish Bogota
Ivory Coast Republic of Ivory Coast CFA franc BCEAO English Yamoussoukro
Laos Lao People's Democratic Republic Kip Laotian Vientiane
Latvia Latvian republic Euro Latvian Riga
Lebanon Lebanese Republic Lebanese pound Arab Beirut
Lithuania Republic of Lithuania Euro Lithuanian Vilnius
Luxembourg Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Euro German, French, Luxembourgish Luxembourg
Mauritius Republic of Mauritius Mauritian rupee English Port Louis
Macedonia Republic of Macedonia Denard Macedonian Skopje
Malaysia Federation of Malaysia Malaysian ringgit Malaysian Kuala Lumpur
Malta Republic of Malta Euro Maltese, English Valletta
Morocco Kingdom of Morocco Moroccan dirham Arab Rabat
Mexico United Mexican States Mexican peso Spanish mexico city
Moldova The Republic of Moldova Moldovan leu Moldovan, Romanian Kishinev
Monaco Principality of Monaco Euro French Monaco
Mongolia Mongolia Tugrik Mongolian Ulaanbaatar
Netherlands Kingdom of the Netherlands Euro Dutch Amsterdam
New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand dollar English Wellington
Norway Kingdom of Norway Norwegian krone Norwegian Oslo
UAE United Arab Emirates Dirham (UAE) Arab Abu Dhabi
Oman Sultanate of Oman Omani rial Arab Muscat
Panama Republic of Panama Balboa Spanish Panama
Peru Republic of Peru New salt Spanish, Aymara, Quechua Lima
Poland Republic of Poland Polish Zloty Polish Warsaw
Portugal Portuguese Republic Euro Portuguese Lisbon
Russia the Russian Federation Russian ruble Russian Moscow
Romania Romania Romanian new leu Romanian Bucharest
Seychelles Republic of Seychelles Seychellois rupee English, Creole, French Victoria
Senegal Republic of Senegal CFA franc BCEAO French Dakar
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia East Caribbean dollar English Castries
Serbia Republic of Serbia Serbian dinar Serbian Belgrade
Singapore Republic of Singapore Singapore dollar Malay, English, Chinese, Tamil Singapore
Slovakia The Slovak Republic Euro Slovak Bratislava
Slovenia Republic of Slovenia Euro Slovenian Ljubljana
USA USA U.S. dollar English Washington
Tajikistan The Republic of Tajikistan Somoni Tajik Dushanbe
Thailand Kingdom of Thailand Thai baht Thai Bangkok
Taiwan Republic of China Taiwan New Taiwan dollar Taiwanese Taipei
Tanzania United Republic of Tanzania Tanzanian shilling Swahili, English Dodoma
Tunisia Tunisian Republic Tunisian dinar Arab Tunisia
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan manat Turkmen Ashgabat
Turkey Turkish Republic Turkish lira Turkish Ankara
Uzbekistan The Republic of Uzbekistan Uzbek sum Uzbek Tashkent
Ukraine Republic of Ukraine Hryvnia Ukrainian Kyiv
Finland Republic of Finland Euro Finnish, Swedish Helsinki
France French Republic Euro French Paris
Croatia Republic of Croatia Croatian kuna Croatian Zagreb
Montenegro Republic of Montenegro Euro Serbian, Albanian Podgorica
Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech crown Czech Prague
Chile Republic of Chile Chilean peso Spanish Santiago
Switzerland Swiss Confederation Swiss frank German, French, Italian, Romansh Berne
Sweden Kingdom of Sweden Swedish krona Swedish Stockholm
Sri Lanka Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Rupee Sinhalese, Tamil, English Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte
Estonia Republic of Estonia Euro Estonian Tallinn
South Africa Republic of South Africa Rand English, Afrikaans Cape Town
South Korea The Republic of Korea South Korean Won Korean Seoul
Jamaica Jamaica Jamaican dollar English kingston
Japan Nihon koku, Nippon koku Japanese Yen Japanese Tokyo
Kosovo Republic of Kosovo Euro Albanian, Serbian Pristina
Liechtenstein Principality of Liechtenstein Swiss frank Deutsch Vaduz
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